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Throughout its history, Woodcrest has been a developer and active purchaser of real estate and financial instruments, including undeveloped land, office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Its concentration on a variety of property uses has led to a flexibility adapting to the market and a unique ability to identify growth trends, capitalizing on the value they create.

The size of typical transactions range from 3 to 25 million dollars and thousands of acres, to small opportunistic purchases, making Woodcrest’s interest and its activities without limits. Although its concentration and focus has been primarily in the Southern and Midwestern states, Woodcrest has also been very involved in opportunities which have become available in Oklahoma, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia, Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee, Ohio, and Michigan. These development and acquisition activities have been instrumental in the growth and development of communities and the redevelopment of existing neighborhoods. We are always interested in well valued properties in growth areas to add to our portfolio.