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The complex process of developing new income-producing properties has become a strength and a growth area for Woodcrest. Its success has been attributed to the vision and real estate expertise of founder Jim Ryffel. Specializing in community and neighborhood lifestyle shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial properties, Woodcrest has built properties throughout the U.S. and continues to develop. Woodcrest’s shopping centers meet the everyday needs of ordinary Americans in small towns, big cities, and growing markets from coast to coast. Benefiting from a talented in-house staff of construction professionals, project managers and construction superintendents, Woodcrest has an ability to move quickly and complete a project even on the shortest of schedules. The results have been an impressive portfolio of properties, such as the new “lifestyle shopping centers.”

Additionally, Woodcrest’s development team has been successful in taking existing and older properties and completely renovating them, creating a revitalized project with new growth potential and a profitable future. Often, these overlooked opportunities can reward the ownership and their surrounding neighborhoods with new and exciting activity, as well as increased revenue and reduced maintenance costs. The vision and the talent to see these potential successes in often overlooked properties attributes to the fast growth in Woodcrest’s impact on the real estate scene.