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Campus Office Tower in Fort Worth TX in greyscaleWoodcrest Capital, LLC is a diversified real estate, finance, oil and gas, and investment firm that acquires and develops real estate, makes distressed asset investments, and makes equity investments. The Woodcrest Capital team has unparalleled expertise in the establishment, evaluation and oversight of companies in a variety of industries. Since its founding in 1981, Woodcrest has completed investment transactions involving many types of developments, purchases and structured financings.

Woodcrest Capital’s business is making strategic equity investments for short-term or long-term appreciation, either through development or acquisition. Principals of Woodcrest have a significant portion of personal assets committed to these investments, and therefore share the risks of ownership. We hold a firm belief that strong companies require a credible and committed investment.

Woodcrest Capital, in addition to real estate, finance, and oil and gas investing, remains interested in developing technology in the media, logistics, digital communications, entertainment, technology, software, healthcare, ranching and banking sectors.

Most importantly, Woodcrest Capital believes in relationships and community. A deal done today is the beginning of a friendship and relationship for tomorrow. As we succeed in our objectives, the community is a direct beneficiary through the value created by the products and services our companies produce. It is our objective to better the community through gifts and strategic planning. Woodcrest Capital believes that corporate value is derived by the commitment to giving back to the community. To submit proposals or obtain more information, please contact Woodcrest Capital.