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Often an undervalued activity, a key component to Woodcrest’s success is property management. Woodcrest not only owns, but also operates, leases, and manages its properties. With a talented team of in-house professionals, this component of the Woodcrest group oversees property maintenance, collects revenue, manages finances and expenditures, and coordinates activities on existing properties, including the finish-out construction or renovation of existing properties. Woodcrest’s fully-integrated operating platform are powerful advantages to our commitment to maximizing the value of every property in our portfolio.

The team required to maintain a solid performance of its properties includes financial managers, tenant liaisons, maintenance technicians, and leasing professionals. The coordination of these activities requires exceptional organization, close scrutiny, and a sincere responsiveness to the needs and requirements of both the tenants and patrons of these commercial properties. Woodcrest prides itself in all these areas, while moving quickly to solve any unforeseen problems that may develop. It is a challenging task but one that the Woodcrest team has been successful in and has continued to handle in-house since the company’s beginning.